Xwisten/Bridge River (Lillooet) Program

September 24  

All activities on this day will happen at Xwisten/Bridge River Band Hall

6:00 pm – Arrive at Xwisten (Bridge River) Band Hall, Lillooet

6:30 pm – Dinner and traditional welcoming

8:00 pm – Set up camp, storytelling, drumming, singing and dancing

September 25

7:00 am – Ceremony, protocols, and offerings at the river

8:00 am – Breakfast provided by Xwisten

9:00 am – Let’s Talk about Wild Salmon – Community Forum

12:00 am – Lunch – drumming and singing

1:00 pm – Let’s Talk about Water – Community Forum

3:00 pm – Depart for Lower Nicola Indian Band (LNIB), Neale Rd, Merritt

Let’s Talk about Wild Salmon and Water Community Forum

The purpose of the forums is to mobilize knowledge and networks in the communities and regions to support the sustainability of wild salmon fisheries.

Led the host Indigenous communities in partnership with the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty and the Wild Salmon Caravan, the forum will serve to identify strategies for protecting, conserving and restoring wild salmon and their habitat.

The forums are open to non-Indigenous friends and advocates from within the local farming and food system networks, as well as key representatives from social and environmental organizations and agencies willing to work within a decolonizing framework to conserve wild salmon.