Remembering WildSalmon Caravan 2017 By Jaya

Last fall I had an experience, which will be remembered as one of the most impactful weeks of my life. I have struggled up to this point to find a satisfactory summery of the Wild Salmon Caravan (WSC) 2017, because it is an event that is a week long and vibrantly full of diverse experiences. A group of people setting out on an annual journey that does so much. Continue reading “Remembering WildSalmon Caravan 2017 By Jaya”

Wild Salmon Caravan 2017: Honouring Our Matriarchs Video

The Working Group of Indigenous Food Sovereignty would like to publicly acknowledge and express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the communities of support that gave, so freely, countless hours of time, energy and a wealth of ideas for planning of programs and logistical coordination for the Wild Salmon Caravan 2017. Continue reading “Wild Salmon Caravan 2017: Honouring Our Matriarchs Video”